BREAKING: Black Trump supporter shot and killed by Chicago protesters

BREAKING: Black Trump supporter shot and killed by Chicago protesters


Christian Times Newspaper has learned that an African-American supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has died after allegedly sustaining gunshot wounds in the aftermath of Friday night’s chaos in Chicago.

Robert King Bullock, aged 37, was a resident of Chicago’s Evanston suburb.  According to Bullock’s friend, who also attended the Trump rally, Robert was an avid chef, and he recently obtained his Masters of Business Administration and planned to open a local restaurant.

This source spoke with CTN on the condition of anonymity, and asked to be referred to as “Terry.” He called for Bullock’s death to serve as a reminder to anti-Trump groups and the mainstream media.

“Rob was a black man, but he supported Trump because he got tired of Democrats saying his race was the thing holding him back,” Bullock’s friend told CTN.

“[Rob] lost his job because of Obamacare.  He lost his brother to black-on-black gang violence.  Now he lost his life because he believed in a white man.  His race didn’t have a damn thing to do with what held him back.”

Bullock and Terry were separated in the chaos that followed the protesters’ interruption of the planned Trump rally, which led to widespread violent scuffles and the event’s cancellation.  It is believed that he attempted to make his way to a nearby bar to charge his dead cell-phone and reconnect with Terry.

Multiple sources have confirmed that protesters and Trump supporters continued to clash as they moved from the UIC Pavillion to their vehicles and nearby locations.  It is believed that Bullock, at some point after leaving the event center, was confronted by protesters, beaten, then allegedly shot two times in the abdomen and left shoulder by a small to medium-size handgun.

The following picture allegedly was taken as police walked the crime scene north of the UIC Pavillion, where the Trump rally was held.

[The previous image was incorrectly reported.  We apologize for the confusion.]


Terry says that the circumstances surrounding the events are still unclear, and he only learned of Bullock’s death when his business card was found in the victim’s pocket.  Terry says that Bullock asked for his contact information when the chaos erupted and he realized that his phone battery was dead.

Bullock’s body was discovered in the early hours of the morning by two homeless gentlemen.  He was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead,

Terry says that two signs were also found next to Bullock’s body.  One read, “Stop The Racist Trump.”  The other was marked with, “Donald Trump = KKK.”

This is a developing story, and CTN will bring you updated news as we gather more information.

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  1. That is so sad. What seems like a great young man killed for his beliefs. I can’t think of anything anymore unAmerican than that. God rest his soul. What a tragedy.

  2. The Black thugs are now killing us! It’s open season on move on. org, and the Blacks and Muslim students who caused Chicago’s violence. Lock and load and avenge our murdered brother!

  3. First amendment rights taken away. Next stop… Martial Law and full government control…
    Socialist thought prevails. . . (thank you Bernie) . . . Implosion of the Soviet Union due to socialism. Oh, I’m sorry, that already happened. Implosion of the United States of America… When we don’t have a country anymore where will all the free stuff come from. Who’s going to pay for my college, and my medical bills? Why would anyone who has a talent want to live in a government controlled society. When people are risking their lives to jump over our borders illegally I guess that will be an indicator of decline. So sad for a country that used to be so great.

    • Trump chose himself to stop the rally. It’s all over the news that the cops, nor any government agency, force him to shut down his rally. Freedom of speech was NOT violated. DONALD TRUMP CHOSE TO STOP THE RALLY HIMSELF.

      Trump followers just beleive any headline and never ever do any research to see if anything this man says is true. TRUMP WILL BETRAY YOU. Hide and watch, I guarantee. He loves the uneducated! and this means you

      • You are a typical left wing piece of lying garbage! The cops told Trump that good people were being attacked by the move on filth and the BLM Soros funded scum, and he decided to postpone to prevent further harm, too bad the scum murdered a good man before he could leave the agitator gang area! The scum that did this, should be found convicted and publically hanged!

      • … exactly WHAT, would you have had Trump do?!?! … Continue to hold the crowd’s attention while your mongrel goons wreaked havoc in the bastardized name of “Freedom of Speech”!?!? … How mentally deranged are you and your fiminazi ilk allowed to become before corrective action is taken!?!?


      • It seems “Educated Woman” doesn’t have the reading comprehension of a first grader.

        Trump said “law enforcement” told him there was a safety issue and to shut it down.
        The Chicago Police stated that they did not tell him that.

        You probably don’t understand this, but “law enforcement” can consist of the FBI and the Secret Service, among others.

        Trump is here, Trump will be YOUR president, and Trump supporters would like to thank people like you, for only increasing his numbers.

        Maybe you should add an “un” , before the educated part of your name.

        Enjoy the next 8 years with the Donald. I know I will.

      • Give it a rest…you’re scared of trump…scared that things will change for the better and the low life everything for free ride is OVER….PEOPLE LIKE YOU BETRAY AMERICA EVERYDAY…VOTE TRUMP ONLY 2016

      • At least trump cared about the people, The Scum protester cared about no one including a Well educated Black Trump supporter whom these scum killed. God Bless this man Robert King Bullock. These thugs where out to cause trouble paid by Soros and company presented by the NAZI Socialist Bernard Sanders and Hillary fellon Clinton.

    • my daughter worked 3 jobs raised 3 kids went to collage paid for it herself still paying for it probably will for ever I’d say get a job Bernie and his free stuff will finish whats left of the gov off

  4. The man wanted to better his life, and he wanted to work for his own money. Because he believed in the candidate who is all about business he is killed?

    THIS lays at the feet of the Left. Look to those who lead the Left for the real violence against Americans of all races.

    May God bless and keep this man’s family. May the Lord God Himself keep them all.

  5. This is why I am running for President of the United States of America; we are Americans first; we need to work together. How said an American Man was shot for his Political Beliefs.

    Please pray for my campaign for President. Visit and also “Kyle Kenley Kopitke” on Facebook. You have not seen me on FOX or CNN or MSNBC because I discuss the New World Order. The New World Order wants Americans to fight each other so they can come in and destroy our Constitution.

  6. Where did my comment go? I am running for President of The United States to prevent more New World Order shootings. Follow my Presidential campaign to save our Constitution on Facebook under “Kyle Kenley Kopitke.” Praise Ye The Lord, Kyle

  7. This is very alarming and sad that there was a loss of life at this massive breakout at a Trump rally in Chicago…but then, it’s Chicago, Obama land, and the Soros funded Move On .org land. Condolences to the families of this Trump supporter who only wanted to see his candidate whom he supported and now because of those protesters who thought they “won their free speech right” they just denied this man’s right also to attend a peaceful rally and now he got denied his RIGHT TO LIFE!!! I hope the goon that SHOT and killed this young man has such a guilty conscience so disturbing and frightening to him, that he steps up to assume responsibility!!! Have a “nice” dream tonight, murderer!!

  8. Beliefism is somewhat like racism.
    Beliefism is the belief that all members of each belief possess characteristics or abilities specific to that belief, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another belief or beliefs.
    • Beliefism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different belief based on the belief that one’s own beliefs are superior to others.
    • Unlike racism, Beliefism has no laws preventing prejudice, discrimination or antagonism against someone of a different belief.
    • Beliefests are allowed to ruin someone financially, socially shame them, belittle them, and label them morally and intellectually inferior.
    • Beliefists believe their beliefs are superior to other’s beliefs because they believe they stand on superior intellectual and moral ground.
    Beliefists are intolerant, abusive, aggressive, and possess no insight into their own prejudice toward others and their beliefs.
    Simply Beliefists take on the same qualities they condemn in a racist yet remain self-fault blind.
    No one should have to live in fear because of their beliefs.

  9. George Soros should be charged with this since he was behind the riot. This is so sad an ridiculous that this man paid for this rioting to take place an a man lost his life!!!

  10. Black lives matter until you kill and abuse others. Then you lose your rights as a Human being.
    Do they realize their is no heaven for killers and domestic terrorists.

  11. Us Mr. Trump supporters want to set up a go fund me for this young man. Can you please give us anymore information?

  12. This is the real story of #BLM and the Socialist President who supports Racial hatred. If you’re any color and not supportive of them you are a target.
    Nation of Islam, #BLM and Socialists are the KKK of the Democrats today.

  13. I am so sorry to hear about this poor man. He just wanted to be an American and support the candidate of his chose. Now him, his family and friends have suffered and are suffering. The person or persons that killed him are cowards. They will live a damned life for taking away a good mans life for no good reason. God shall bless his loved ones. And I will pray for them. This is unamerican and a disgusting failure of our current government.
    Unfortunately, all of are rights are be taken away. Americans need to wake up and find a candidate that will not allow this tyranny that is taking place. This problem will only get worse. And no citizen black or white will
    Be able to live in peace and reach their desired potential. American people need to understandable this is about power, money. And us Little people are slaves to their agenda. What’s going on here isn’t real it’s all manufactured. RIP and God Bless

  14. Why c!an’t we get together and disrupt a Hillary Clinton EVENT. are white people not allowed to protest at a Hillary Clinton event?

    • No. we have more sense than that, sinking down to their level, no, we are better people, that is the kind of people that support the liberal/socialist candidates and that is the kind of behavior that will follow a candidate like that into power, not a good outcome

  15. Good God People ! What are you doing ? Do you even have a clue why your destroying live’s ? All this man was doing is showing support for his favorite Candidate !! YOU People are going to Create a national war with the citizens and then ALL HELL Will break loose on you People !! STOP YOUR IGNORANCE NOW …………………………………………

  16. This is just too sickeningly sad for words. My heart is breaking for this poor man. What a promising life he had ahead of him! And now he’s been robbed of all that promise and potential, simply because he dared to live his life free from the Democrat plantation.

    I can hardly take the evil flooding this land anymore.

  17. Put a fence around the welfare city of Chicago. The Thugs, Liberals, Socialist’ will eat each other within two weeks.

  18. I am truly sorry how our world can be so lost and so evil. God rest this man’s soul and care for his family.

    Take charge president. Say something important and truthful for once your life!

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  20. #AllLivesMatter, Blacks Lives Matter is a terrorist group spreading propaganda to fuel hate which further separates our country.

  21. This is horrible why is it that you cannot support the candidate of your choosing without the threat of violence. What is happening in our country is deplorable. I will be praying for this young man and his family. Please Lord Jesus Christ put all your mercy on this young man and his family,Please Lord stop the madness! Amen

  22. Forgive me. But does this sound staged ? Does this sound like a manufactured event ? We live in an era of total manipulation and deception. I do not think the Trump campaign is responsible for this tragedy; however, someone wants race riots, someone wants to take attention away from corruption in Washington/New York and instead direct our energies towards a manufactured race war. We need to dig down to the details before we are misled, as usual.

    • I cannot find record of this person elsewhere? Does not make sense. I searched for his name in the Chicago Tribune, got nothing.

      • Vanity,
        The establishment, Republican and Democrat, hate Donald Trump. Just because there is the suspicion that he is not controllable (here’s a guess, if he is elected, his entire cabinet will be wall to wall neocons). The usual smear campaigns have not worked. Its time to pull out the heavy weapons: racism, murder, pedophilia, and more fun. The false allegations and manufactured events will come from both sides of the two-headed snake (Democrats and Republicans) that controls the government,